Our aim in Health+Solve is to leverage on the opportunities that abound in Nigeria and the rest of Africa to establish a publicly listed healthcare company that reshapes private healthcare investment in Nigeria. The current trend of solo healthcare practices has contributed to the poor development of the Nigerian healthcare industry in the past decades. We aim to transform healthcare in Nigeria by developing successful units of modern diagnostic centres and good quality hospital practices across Nigeria to offer high quality care to Nigerians and subsequently expand such services to the West African sub-region. The current strategic relationships we have with major manufactures of medical equipment as well as support from local and international financiers of healthcare businesses offers a strong platform for successful implementation of our short and long term objectives.


Our Specific objectives are;

o   To create the largest healthcare network in Nigeria

o   Leverage technology to offer prompt and efficient healthcare solutions

o   To provide a strong platform for secure and profitable healthcare investments by industry stakeholders

o   To attract relevant funding support for the continuous growth of the network.